~Merry Christmas From the Farm~

Our new Food Truck!


Our new Food Truck!

Keeping the traditions going every year at Christmas time.  God is good and we are blessed and very thankful!


Merry Christmas from snowy and icy Minnesota.  Keep celebrating!

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~Callens Farm~


I love my mother, Nonna! Groceries are from the butcher shop!

Greetings from the farm!  It’s been so busy as usual and even now it hasn’t let up.  Mom was out here for over a month and  we miss her dearly!  We bought a food truck and have been busy getting that truck booked at events.  Can you guess what kind of food we will be serving?  Enjoy the photos!  I can honestly say that I am already sick of winter!!!

Marisa and Nonna in our food truck!

We put up another building for farrowing.  It was terribly cold most of the time!

Mario working on the roof.

Bella and Mario on the roof enjoying the moment.

Mario ready for a performance in Clinton!

Mario and Nonna with his buck…now summer sausage in the freezer!

Marigolds refused to die!

Mom (Nonna and Chief) watching the twins deworming the sheep!

Jesus I Trust in YOU!!

Silvana grew her own wedding decorations above!

We’ve been making a ton of meat.  Mario’s deer is mixed with pork!

Too much snow already!! Minnesota is not for wimps!

Bella and Dad feeding the sheep!

Mario, Silvana, Fred, Toro and Chief!

Road trip to the Duppongs out in North Dakota!!!! Such fun…

Magdalene Mary turned 22!

Niece Victoria, Nonna and Marisa!

Plus Bella!

Nonna, Marisa and Silvana packing cookies.

Biscotti, wedding cookies.  Delicious!!

YUM! Pasta Fazool!!  Best with our own bacon!

Nobody goes hungry here!

Fresh ground pork!

Hopefully I’ll get some good photos up of Gavin and Silvana’s beautiful wedding!  Life is good, down on the farm!

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~Farm Table~


Who’s hungry?  Here’s some food photos that are sure to make you head for the kitchen!  Frenchy made the cupcakes and Chiarra made the chocolate strawberries.  I don’t want to steal the credit!!!





Hope you enjoyed the food photos.  This is what’s been cooking and served on the Callens Honey Farm.  Life is good, down on the farm!!



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~ Three Engagements ~


Caleb and Hannah, Gavin and Silvana and John Paul and Magdalene in order above.  All the weddings will be completed by the end of next June! 


Three rings for three lovely ladies.  God is good!  Life is good!


A happy couple; the first to be married this November.  Gavin shares the love of farming with Silvana!

9F85A8DE-99AA-4A9A-9BAB-DD2B126879F3Caleb our plumber and his lovely lady, Hannah.  Two shall become one next June!  This is a very sweet couple.


John Paul and Maggie have known each other for 14 years and have been dating for six years.  They will become Mr. and Mrs. Dougherty in June as well.  John Paul is a brother of our son- in- law, Luke! Sweet!


Three lucky ladies, faces tell all!


It’s a good feeling to see our kids so happy and in love with such good people.  I thank God for His many blessings.  May these couples keep their faith and grow in it together as they grow old together.  Through the grace of God, they will have a wonderful life together! Pray for them.

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~ Summer Photos 2019~


Caleb and I.  He lives in rural Canby now where he works as a plumber.

Hello from the farm! I couldn’t resist the waving photo above! 

Time has gone by quickly and it’s been a busy summer so far. Bella and I spent a couple weeks out on a guest ranch in Wyoming working in the kitchen during a Catholic camp.  My ulterior motive was to spend time with Jessi, Luke and the kids who were the hosts.  I had a blast and was able to work  under Maggie…meaning I took orders from my own daughter!!! She was the head chef.  

 If you would like frequent updates, you can visit us on Instagram under callens_honeyfarm.  Hopefully I’ll do better about posting, but I know I’ve said that before!  The following are photos from our summer so far.  Posts on farm food and three engagement announcements in our family to follow this one.  I take no credit for the photos as I haven’t taken a photo all year.

Barn Dance practice and set up!



Young people having fun!

Unloading organic straw for the hogs.

Many hands made light work. Picking up straw bales from Carmens farm.

All done loading the straw. Bless the old Ford and hope for the best in safe travel!



Our new State Fair apple tree. Such a great variety.

Good ol’ Chief, fairly loyal farm dog but not like Rowdy!

Home grown beauty!

Fred and some of our grandchildren.

Super important cats!! Toothless, the black cat is our best mouser.  Mouse control…..

Shaking the apricots from the tree.

These apricots are now brewing into wine!

Tater planting next to the garlic.


No till potatoes growing with grass mulch between the rows.

Happy ewes on the pasture after their lambs were weaned.

A very lonely steer, sad that his buddies are sold.

Cousins having fun together with grandpa.

First load of lambs were sold in June.

The days are never long enough so Fred and Mario are often grinding feed in the evening.



Marisa took off for a fishing trip to Big Stone. I think they got 75 Perch.

Rare photo of Fred off the farm. He also went fishing!

I love seeing Fred taking time to play!

Mario also had a good time on Allan and Lynda Ferbers boat.

Farm beauty fills our lives on a daily basis.

Our barn and a lovely sky.

The three new boars..

Filling the “air” bubble bath for the pigs!

Yeah! Our pool is almost ready. The water tastes great!!


Stormy skies bringing in a ton of rain just as were getting ready to load hogs for sale!

Minnesota skies can be amazing and keep us praying to be safe here.

Bringing in corn for the Organic Prairie Pigs!

June brought us strawberries.

Never too busy to enjoy the beauty!

Filling water tanks for sheep.

Sweet 16 apple blossoms.

Soaking in the sun, our pigs are looking good!

Happy hens doing the chicken dance! Use your imagination!

Choke cherries.

Choke cherries were juiced for pancake syrup.

Making choke cherry syrup.


Jersey beef is the best tasting beef in my opinion!

Farm flowers in bloom.

Garlic planted last fall has been harvested this summer.

Love it when the grandchildren are around. Frenchy and Peters son, Rafe and the cats.

Fred the farmer. He’s the love of my love and farming is his love!!

Lightning illuminated the barnyard, during a night time rainstorm!!!

Marisa and I had a great weekend watching the grandkids. Time off for their parents and us!

It’s been a wet year!

Recycled washer tub….bon fire.

I am going to post this now and upload a post on the three family engagements and what we are eating lately on the farm.  Life is good by golly.  May your life be blessed!

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~Our Farm In Pictures~


Bella, the ever hard-working, dedicated farm girl!

Silvana showing off the Hampford piglet! Totally cute!

Silvana holding the new Hampford piglet!!

We are alive and well on the farm!  It’s a very busy time of year with all the farrowing and lambing going on.  Here are some random photos that were taken between now and the last post.  Yesterday, May 8, it snowed!!! Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  


A nice surprise for our family!

New life on the farm.

New lambs staying warm!


We are almost finished with the lambing season.

There is new life all around the farm this time of year!  With new life, comes plenty of chores.

The sheep are loving the grass!

This little lamb needed a bit of tender care!

This little lamb needed some extra care. He was almost frozen at birth!

Weighing a hog on our new scale.

Trying out the new hog scale! It works well.

Piglets eating at the feeder station.


Motherly love!

Rafe and Josie helping feed lambs.

Kallie with an Easter lamb.

Bella luring a mother ewe into the shelter of the barn.

Happy breeding stock being lazy!


Seeing the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis!


A time to “play”!

Fred grinding feed, a never ending job!

Feeding the troops!  A job in itself!

Life is good down on the farm!


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~March In Like A Lion~

Silvana tending to the new mamma and babies.

This gilt had 10 plus one orphan we gave her from another mamma.

The Robin’s are back!

Spring is here, we hope!

Plenty of snow left!

Minnesota evening!

Only a memory now, thank goodness!!

We had some areas that were over 5 feet high on our buildings.

Bella turned 17, wow!

Mario, cousin Maria and Bella bowling.

Bella and Maria.

96 sheep shorn.

All done and looking good!

Caleb hitching a ride!

Potato and dumplings soup to warm the cold bodies.

Friday (no meat Lent) pizza, yum!

Mario rebuilding a lambing gate.

Bella grinding nails down on a lambing gate. Getting ready for the season very soon.

Fred building lamb pens out of used lumber as usual!


Marisa putting up the new portable lambing pens.

More mobile lamb pens ready for April 1.

Silvana sorting screws for the lamb pens. Waste not, want not!

Pack of piglets that have grown!

It’s been a busy month dealing with tons of snow and now wet, muddy conditions.  Finally things have melted and dried up a bit.  We will start lambing around April 1.

Life is busy and good………down on the farm!


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~When will Spring come?~


A Minnesota Winter Sunrise!

We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring which, at the moment, seems to be keeping itself at a great distance. Many snowfalls and gusty winds have been assailing us here on the farm but under the circumstances we are very much alive and well! 🙂  Check out the photos and make sure you see them all as the good food (fuel) pics are at the bottom!



A screen shot of local weather one evening.

Another chilling alert captured back in the end of January!


A screen shot alert from the end of January.

One of the blizzard videos below.




Minnesota Blizzard.






Are Minnesotan’s Crazy?



Travel not advised! 


Plenty of snow up on the roof!

We have received a lot of snow and the wind blew drifts of it onto several buildings. Fred and the kids shoveled them off a few different times to keep them from going down under all of the extra weight.  I think they had fun!!


Some of the snow scraped from the hog pens was loaded into the dump truck and hauled to different areas around the farm.


Old Yeller hard at work!  Mario is always the driver of course!!


Sun dog.


Removing a drift.


More snow shoveling



Lifting the kids onto the roof for some more shoveling.


More snow removal. 


Our gravel road has been getting quite a bit of extra attention this Winter with all of the snow piling up!  It will be a miracle if they didn’t wreck our fences!!



The video posted below was recorded during one of the blizzards.


The livestock seem to be holding their own very well with all of the snow and sub zero temperatures.



Bred Poland China & Duroc Gilts

Farrowing this Winter has been very challenging with all of the snow and so much cold weather but over all it turned out very well!  We recently weaned almost half of the piglets. The others will be weaned tomorrow weather providing and then the last group from the Winter farrowing will be weaned in mid-March.


The weanlings.


You can come out now piggies! A warm barn awaits!


Transporting the weanlings to their new pen in the South Slope.



It’s very important that the weanlings have plenty to eat and drink.



Even in frigid weather the pigs still come outside!


Chief saying Hi to one of the Polypay rams.



Curious piglets.


The Jersey steers and a beautiful sunset.



Mom? Can we come out and join you at the feeder yet?


The chickens have been laying very consistently this Winter.  We picked 30 eggs yesterday!  


We are all surviving the cold and snow and have been enjoying good wholesome food between outside farm work and livestock chores. Working in the cold can really increase everyone’s appetites!


Farm Eggs


Homemade Coffee Ice Cream


Homemade Butter


Pork & Rice with Homegrown Beets


Asparagus Soup




Cowboy Cookies


Homemade Yogurt and Cowboy Cookie Crumbles


Rising Bread Dough for baking in the dutch oven.  Totally wow!!!!!


Fresh Homemade Bread




Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Homemade Velveeta Cheese


English Muffin Dough Rising


Homemade English Muffins


Farm Fresh Egg McMuffin


Corn Bread made with love by me for my hungry gang!


Cheese Curds soon to be mozz for pizza!


Fresh Mozzarella




Bottled Honey

Hopefully this Winter doesn’t hang on for too much longer!  Blessings to all and stay warm out there!  Life is good by golly, down on the farm.

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