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~First Honey Super Added~

Yesterday we went to check the hives and add a third hive box to three of the 8 frame Minnesota Hygienic hives.  The bees were very busy bringing in their loads of pollen and nectar after having been put behind a bit because of … Continue reading

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~A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words~

Another busy week has flown by very quickly.  The following photos were taken at some time this week by either myself or one of the children.  As I looked the photos over, I  was thinking how lucky I, formerly a city … Continue reading

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Barn Dance 2011~ The making of a dance!

Some call it the social event of the year, but for us it is a gift to our friends and neighbors.  Getting ready for the barn dance takes a lot of time and planning.  A week before the dance we … Continue reading

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Fishing, Lambs and Bees…..

The days are flying by quickly and we have experienced some very hot and humid weather.  For those who do not live out here in Minnesota, you may not know what it feels like to get battered with hot winds.  It’s … Continue reading

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Callens Farm~Early June

June is usually great for growing an excellent crop of weeds.  The favorable weather helped to bring the weeds to the surface and now we are trying to stay on top of them.  It’s not very easy though with the rest of the chores … Continue reading

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