~So Much to be Thankful for~

This will probably go down in the Callens history book as the best Thanksgiving ever. The reason being that my Italian mom, Nonna or Pina, has graced us with her presence finally after 26 years of marriage! Actually it will most likely be the best Christmas ever as well, sorry Anet, Joe and Gina:) unfortunately, the days are going by way too quickly.

We have been pretty busy on the farm lately and I have not had time to post all the things that I had wanted to.  One of the posts that I wanted to make was that of the story of how an “angel” that I still have not found out exactly which one, had delivered to my front porch with a big Merry Christmas sign on it, a brand new Maytag, gas, convection oven. I was so shocked when the delivery man drove up and placed it on our porch that I got choked up. So far nobody has fessed up and I thought I had a good idea but he (you know who you are) adamantly declines. So whomever you are angel, thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful new stove.  In turn, I plan on blessing any guests with some great home cooked meals.

We’ve already had our first snow storm and it happened to be on the day we picked up my mom from the airport on Saturday.  Then today, the weather was warm enough to wear only t-shirts.  The warmer days are nicer to work in and hopefully tomorrow for the duck butchering it will be fairly warm as well.  I look forward to long winter days working on school near a very the wood cook stove and a hot pot of coffee.

 The following photos should paint a good picture of what we have been up to.  I haven’t been very good about capturing the moments lately but there was certainly plenty of opportunity!  Hold your mouse over each photo. 

About Callens Honey Farm

We live on a small family farm located in S.W. Minnesota, near the South Dakota border. The source of our honey is from white and red clover. The honey appears as liquid gold in color. Our honey is extracted using a hand cranked centrifugal force extractor. Then the honey is screened once into a holding container from which we later fill the small honey bottles. We do not heat treat the honey nor add any other ingredients. Pure and natural is our Minnesota honey! What could taste better?
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4 Responses to ~So Much to be Thankful for~

  1. Gwen says:

    Love your blog Sandra! Happy Thanksgiving from down south!
    Yours in Christ,
    Gwen DeLaune

  2. Mary says:

    Lovely pictures! So neat to see all that real food off the farm being put up! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂
    (p.s. Callie Jo pictures requested!! You’re all such baby hogs over there!! 😉 😉

  3. Jackie says:

    Good to hear of your busyness. You all look so great! What a blessing having Nana there. Hope she stays forever!!!

  4. Karla in MN says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the family…so glad that it was the best ever! I love the pictures, so fun to see what you are all up to. God’s blessings to you!

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