~One Farm Day~


More green beans!!!

Here are some photos of a recent day on our small farm.  These don’t include all of the work that is involved in morning and evening chores.  This family raises some of the best pork this side of Heaven.  Organic Valley / Organic Prairie is  a company with integrity and the best tasting food and beverage line in the world!!!!   Even if you’re not into Organics, the flavor alone is enough to have you hooked. 


Farm breakfast created with love for my family.  Organic Prairie sausage stuffed burritos. Great fuel for the day!


Not sure if we have enough beans. Ha ha  That is a tank!


The tomatoes are all tied up.  Maggie did the pounding and I tied them.  Hard to keep up with the weeds in between rains.


The sheep are moved to another paddock.


Mario in the morning, building A-Frames for the pigs.


Feeding garden treats to the girls!


The wine was checked, mixed and fed! And…..later moved to the butcher shop.  So far there are 30 gallons of vino brewing!!

Slicing the salami to package for lunches.


Basil harvested and washed, ready for the Pesto the girls requested.


Picked the large zucchini which will have to be made into bread and stew!  Too much rain.


Started the mozz cheese.


Made fresh Pesto pasta, yum!


The mozzarella was finished.


Bottled the Choke cherry juice from the steamer.


Flowers watered and weeded.


Started making Choke cherry jelly and syrup.


Fred  and Mario fixed a building the sows were pushing off of the old foundation.


Time for chores, I’m hungry people.


Too cute not to post. Probably hiding from the flies!

Down on the farm, life is good by golly. Looking forward to a camping trip soon!









About Callens Honey Farm

We live on a small family farm located in S.W. Minnesota, near the South Dakota border. The source of our honey is from white and red clover. The honey appears as liquid gold in color. Our honey is extracted using a hand cranked centrifugal force extractor. Then the honey is screened once into a holding container from which we later fill the small honey bottles. We do not heat treat the honey nor add any other ingredients. Pure and natural is our Minnesota honey! What could taste better?
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3 Responses to ~One Farm Day~

  1. mary says:

    Love all the industry!! Happy summer 🙂

  2. Array says:

    that was one busy day! Love to all the workers, from family in Ohio!

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