Contact Us

If you would like to order some of our raw honey contact us below:

Fred & Sandra Callens Honey Farm

2149 320th St. N.

Minneota, Minnesota 56264


Home Phone- 507-224-2196

Cell Phone- 507-829-1435

7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Amanda Engels says:

    Hello Callens Family! I enjoyed reading about your farm and kids. My husband John (went to school with Charlie) has been talking about getting bees for a few years but we have no idea how to go about it. We finally have our own place with some acres around to add to our little zoo. Having chickens is fun ! Can you suggest a good way for me to learn about bees? Thank you for your time and sharing your farm with us. Sincerely, Amanda Engels

  2. callensfarm says:

    I remember you, glad you now have land!!
    Are you going to make it to the barn dance again? If so you can talk to Marisa and Fred. Otherwise you may sure visit us some time here and talk about the bees etc.
    Also, you might borrow some good beekeeping books from the Marshall Library, inter-libray loan system. We took out almost everything they had available. We keep learning new things all of the time; it’s never ending. Anytime you can call us as well.
    Good luck with all of your plans!

  3. Michelle R. Bailey says:

    We are enjoying some sailing time on Lake Superior. I now have taken time to look at your site. Your farm looks great. I will have to get some honey when we eventually return home. Aunt Michelle

  4. Bob Steen says:

    Hi Callens family – This is Bob Steen – formerly from Marshall. Two years ago I moved to Eagan MN and am enjoying life in the big city! I have such pleasant memories of my association with your family. HI to Jessica, Clayton, Frenchy and the Twins – – the ones who would remember me!

    • Hello Mr Steen. It’s been awile since we have seen you. Thanks for the note and stopping by. I’ll tell the kids you wrote. Hope all is well in Eagan and that you are well and happy,
      God bless, Sandra

  5. Rebekah Oakland says:

    Do you know what is Jessica callens email address I am sending her my book to her about the bible country music trust friendship

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